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Installed restoration. Clearwater, Florida.

Restoration and Repair"Stained glass conservation refers to the protection and preservation of historic stained glass for present and future generations. It involves any and all actions devoted to the prevention, mitigation, or reversal of the processes of deterioration that affect such glassworks and subsequently inhibit individuals' ability to access and appreciate them, as part of the world's collective cultural heritage." - From Wikipedia.

As our customer, your satisfaction with the restoration or repair is our goal and our measure of success. With stained glass repairs we can often times complete it totally on site with no removal. Below are listed some of the services offered on retorations.

• Photograph the windows to be restored

• Pack and transport windows

• Trace and template pattern

• Photograph and document broken pieces

• Prepare the individual stained glass sections for restoration

• Create and repair missing or damaged pieces

• Replication of lost glass painting

• Clean, reassemble, relead and putty rebuilt window

• Reinstall and repair windows

• General maintenance and repair

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Releaded, soldered, ready for putty and finishing.

Damaged Lamp.

Repaired lamp with fused glass replacement pieces. Circa 1957, Cuba.